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In March of 2015, Dr. Compton and a friend were running over Savannah’s Talmadge Bridge where they came across a frightened ball of fur. He was scooped up and brought back to live with us at Crossroad Animal Hospital.  Talmadge, named for obvious reason, was estimated at a few months old.  As of right now his best friend is Matty (an employee’s cat) that is a few months older and is helping him socialize with his new human family. He is very shy and timid but loves food.  We hope that one day he will be brave enough to let everyone meet him. 


In October of 2015, this kitten was saved by one of our own technicians at one of Savannah's finest Taco Bell.  After trying out several names for this guy we finally decided on Nacho Libre "Nacho" for short.  Very sweet and sociable kitty who loves to snuggle up with our patients.  But watch out for this little guy around food, he is fast and will snatch your food even if your watching.